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Updating… Mass Effect 3, Skyward Sword, Modern Warfare 3 and More!

Mass Effect update

Well with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 releasing today I imagine that there are a very small minority of people spending their time reading about other videogames, with the majority of us reduced to slavering multiplayer zombies willing to throw our lives away for the next few months in pursuit of that amazing perk at level 45.

Not that I’m bitter about it or anything.

But, despite what most FPS players seem to think, the world didn’t stop turning in anticipation for CoD over the weekend – in fact this is quite a large edition of Updating, which begs the question why am I wasting your time with my Modern Warfare hate-mongering?

Well it’s semi-related. Rumours started surfacing over the weekend of a “No Russian” moment in Modern Warfare 3. “No Russian”, of course, being the level in Modern Warfare 2 where you actively engage (if you so choose) in the brutal mass murder of dozens of civilians within an airport. The level attracted controversy and has basically been used as fuel by every anti-gaming group on the planet (thanks for that Activision) and so a repeat is dire news indeed.

If you want spoilerfic details, the level in Modern Warfare 3 apparently shows a small girl being blown to pieces while the player records it on a handy cam. Notably, you are a witness to this atrocity and not participating which dulls the blow. I hope.

DC Universe Online is in party mode over the weekend after their free-to-play launch attracted more than 120,000 new users by the second day – and improved their usual average for “players logged in per month” by 400%. Which is a lot of percent. Whether any of this will last is still up for speculation.

Fans of semi-successful horror game Alan Wake, which I surprisingly enjoyed, will be potentially shocked to hear it’s sequel is an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive title, not a fully-fledged console game. The game will be revealed at the Spike Video Game awards in a few months, and the creators are encouraging people to reserve judgment til then. Obviously they haven’t come into contact with the internet recently, which begins judging things shortly before they find out that they exist.

Mass Effect 3 surprised a few Xbox users over the weekend after users who received access to the Dashboard Preview Program also received access to an early Mass Effect 3 beta. While whether or not this was intentional remains unconfirmed, leaked screens and even some footage is already floating around the web. Want to see some? Well Google is your friend.

Iphone users, especially those interested in Epic Games’ slice-and-dice fighter Infinity Blade, might be interested to hear that it’s sequel, the roughly-dubbed (by me)Beyond Infinity, Blade, will feature large-scale bosses similar to World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy. These boss-events, intended to be taken down by players in the community committing hundreds of 30-second solo windows, will be available for a 24-hour period or so before they are collectively vanquished. Once they are defeated players are rewarded based on the damage they managed to do in their 30 second window. Whether this is interesting to anyone (I’m iffy) is yet to be seen, but it’s definitely a unique idea for which I award them marginal props. Marginal props to you sir.

And now for the trailers.

Firstly, because every week starts off better with some Skyward Sword, here is yet another trailer from the only Nintendo game anyone cares about. Whoops, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I know there are a lot of people (kids) excited about the 3DS remakes or the Hannah Montana DS Experience, but realistically this is the only reason I’ve had to scrape (we passed blowing awhile ago) all the dust off of my Wii in the better part of 2 years. But what a great reason it is. Keep an eye out for a cameo appearance from B.O.B. from Monsters Vs. Aliens.

A new live-action trailer from Modern Warfare 3 shows off Activisions budget (among other, seemingly more relevant things) by casting Na’vi-lover Sam Worthington alongside “Holy shit he lost weight fast!” Jonah Hill. The result is a moderately humorous action-laden couple of minutes which will convince you that even the fat kid in your class could be pro at Modern Warfare 3. Which is actually, surprisingly accurate considering fat kids probably play a lot of Modern Warfare.

Don’t worry, if anyone was offended by that last statement – they are fat and I like my chances.

Speaking of cool guys and explosions and not much else (yes, that is what we were talking about before my tirade on the moderately obese), Michael Bay has taken time away from his experiments in explosion-cinematography (it’s a deep, deep field) to direct this trailer for Need for Speed: The Run.

And, it’s actually a great trailer. Great as in made me want to buy this game. And I don’t like car games much. Anyway check it out.

And finally, here is a much more detailed look at the multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed Revelations. With perks, abilities and what looks to be an interesting amount of customization (not to mention… teleporting? I knew the Renaissance was bitchin’) it kind of reminded me of another multiplayer game which millions of people play and will go unnamed. Or maybe this is just an auspicious date.

EDIT: To my eternal shame, I totally forgot about this awesome clip of the Imperial Agent armor progression from The Old Republic, my apologies TOR fans.

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