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Updating… Star Wars Kinect, SW:TOR

SW Updating

Well it’s Monday again (in case you hadn’t noticed), and what better time to bring you some of the latest video updates to your most loved (and most hated!) upcoming titles.

Today is going on a bit of a Star Wars theme, not because I particularly like Star Wars (I don’t like it, I LOVE it) but because that’s just how the gaming news went down on the weekend. Yep, just the Star Wars stuff and no other news whatsoever. I swear.

But seriously I felt kind of obligated to put in this video (originally from Kotaku) which shows some of the effort that Microsoft and Lucas Arts have put into decreasing the lag on the up-and-coming Star Wars Kinect (no idea if that is the actual title, but since that’s all anyone will call it I may as well keep up with the trends). Now I personally recall saying something about Star Wars Kinect way back in early June when GamePlayer first launched. What was it again? Oh, that’s right.

I said “it almost convinced me not to buy Kinect”.

Obviously this wasn’t the angle they were going for when they displayed it at E3. I think they were looking for more of a “Oh this DOESN’T remind me of George Lucas’ last abortion” (that’s right, I went there) kind of angle. So in order to be fair to the game and to anyone who was persuaded not to buy it I figured I should run an article saying how they bla bla bla…

An  interesting thing to note in the video (below) is the multiplayer, which I hadn’t had a chance to see before. Apart from instantly saying “that’s the first map from Star Wars: Pod Racer on N64, just touched up with literally no additions” it also had me saying “Hmm… controller free Pod Racer? That actually kind of excites me”. It’s at the end of the video so it might wake you up after you doze off trying to determine if, yes, the top guys arm did move .3 of a second earlier than the bottom guys so yes, Microsoft did put in a tiny bit of work since E3. Whether the product is still purchase worthy is up to you. Although, I did hear these are coming free with the Star Wars R2D2 Xbox 360, which would mean a lot of copies will be traded in (mmm…  cheap copies of potentially subpar games… Win?).

And, because I felt like running an entire article where I just blather on about how I said Star Wars Kinect was bad and it hurt Microsoft’s feelings so they went and changed it up a notch (oh wait, I just did that didn’t I?), I figured I’d throw in this (pretty awesome) gameplay trailer from Bioware’s upcoming “WoW Killer” Star Wars: The Old Republic. I know, I always post stuff about The Old Republic, but it's a fairly massive game so I think keeping track of it is a good idea - even if you aren't inclined to play it. The video shows a fairly low level (I think around 9? Out of a potential 50? Something like that…) dungeon/instance being performed by a Republic party. If you are familiar with games like WoW you will know that an instance/dungeon is a group component of the game, which usually involves going through an area fighting particularly difficult enemies and bosses by working together. And if you didn’t know what an instance/dungeon was, I just explained it. Interesting thing to note: They have displayed two instances so far and both have been Republic. Obviously the only thing I can take away from this is that the Sith instances are way too awesome to be seen by human eyes. Could that be wishful thinking? No, of course not…

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