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We’re Halfway There; Bioware Lifts Embargo on Republic Classes, Starting Worlds


Is there such a thing as too much news about Star Wars: The Old Republic?

If you answered yes, then you should probably avoid this article.

Bioware has allowed the media to test certain parts of the beta over the last fortnight, and have now inched open the proverbial flood gates by allowing people to report on what they have played (or part of it at least). Which part? Well the first 20 levels or so are on the table, but only for the Republic classes. World-wise we can hear about the starter worlds and the “capital” planets, but all mouths are zipped when talking about the spaceships.

Because nobody who plays Star Wars games cares about spaceships right?

Anyway, as a member of the media who was not in the beta, I can officially tell you that I know nothing you can’t find by religiously combing www.swtor.com or by promising to do naughty things to Bioware staff in dark corners (no replies on this yet unfortunately).

But plenty of other sites have run throughs or speculations on their two-week visit to a galaxy far, far away and are happy to share it with you – so I put together some nice links for further reading.

In case you guys are into that sort of thing.

Also, just in case Bioware is out there reading this, please give me Beta access. Other peoples impressions can only tell me so much – and none of them present the information in my partly-humorous partly-arrogant style, which the fans so love and crave.

You guys all hate me don’t you? Meh, whatever.

Here are some walkthroughs for various classes, they all have some general thoughts on how the game works as a “competitive MMO” as well.

Jedi Knight

Rock Paper Shotgun


Jedi Consular








MMORPG (again)

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