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World of Warcraft: Dragon Soul Gives You Wiiiings!

Alright so there are probably a few of you out there who are interested in the latest patch for World ofWarcraft: “Dragon’s Soul”. Personally, I got bored of Cataclysm awhile ago and it became increasingly difficult to pay by the month for it (especially with great free to play games like League of Legends out and games like Firefall and Guild Wars 2 on the horizon), but who cares what I think.

As I said, I wasn’t too interested in the next patch. I mean there were a few cool points which got me a little bit intrigued. Like:

  • Fighting Deathwing from on top of his back
  • Going back in time in the 5-man instances
  • Going forward in time in the 5-man instances
  • No welfare Tier tokens
  • Raid Finder
  • Item Transmogrification (re-design)

Ok, so looking up at that. It’s a pretty impressive list. Especially if you have seen these screenshots of the upcoming instances. But one thing stood head and shoulders (and several hundred feet) above the rest. And that's the rogue in the picture below.

I mean, there are no words. That’s a rogue in the full Blackfang Battleweave set (Tier 13 for those playing at home) assumedly dual-wielding (currently unnamed) Legendary daggers from the latest raid. How badass is that?!

I mean it kind of looks like the April Fools joke from earlier this year (pictured below) but I can only assume this is because everyone thought that the April Fools joke was totally boss. I know I did.

But will it be enough to get me to resubscribe (especially keeping in mind that I don’t currently have a high level rogue)? I guess we will have to wait and see.

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